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Night Wolf Design is actually one person: Jamieson Wolf
In early 2003, Jamieson Wolf started doing short trailers to promote his own work and online ezines. He wanted to find a unique way to promote his work and wanted to use visual media to reach a wider audience.
Soon, Jamieson started gaining notice for his work and other authors began contacting him to create book trailers for their work. Jamieson realized that he could make a business out of doing the work he loved.
In early 2004, Night Wolf Design was born. Since the companies inception, Jamieson has produced nearly fourty Book Movies for a dizzying array of novels, magazines and non fiction books and even promotional ads!
While he remains an author, he loves working with visual media and loves creating book trailers to bring books to life!
In 2008, Night Wolf Design has expanded to include Night Wolf Books and Night Wolf Presents to incorporate publishing and blogging.
Night Wolf Design continues to find new ways to bring words to life!

All photos, images and information contained on these pages is copyrighted to Night Wolf Design and may not be reproduced or used without written permission 2008